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Provost Williams Primary School And Nursery Assessment Information

From September 2015 the use of National Curriculum Levels to assess pupils’ attainment and progress has been abolished.  Individual schools have been given the freedom to adopt a model of formative assessment that suits their own circumstances.

Our school has adopted a system called Class Track.  This document is a brief overview of how the system works whilst the school’s Assessment policy is being reviewed. Teachers use Class Track to record the learning of individual pupils for all subjects.  Each grid contains the appropriate content for the year group the child is in.

Over the course of the year, children are assessed against each skill.  They may be assessed as ‘Beginning’, ‘Developing’ or ‘’Secure’ depending on their confidence and proficiency.

Teachers use many different methods to assess the children such as tests, marking, observations and conversations with children.  These are all used to give a rounded judgment about a child’s attainment.

Some children may not yet be working at the standard that their grid sets out.  These children may be assessed using grids from lower year  groups but teachers will be working hard to help these pupils catch up.

At the end of every term, teachers make a judgment deciding if a pupil is ‘Beginning’, ‘Developing’ or ‘Secure’in the knowledge and skills for their year group.  We have aspirations that every child will be at the ‘Secure’ level for their year group by the end of the school year although there may be reasons why a child does not attain this.

If a child reaches the ‘Secure’ judgment before the end of the year, they are not assessed against the standards for the year above.  Teacher use their skill and judgment to plan learning that gives the child opportunities to apply the skills for their year group but in a broader range of ways.