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Bad Weather Advice


Closure Due to Snow


One of the most difficult decisions a Headteacher has to make is whether to close a school or not.

One of the major factors is the staff.  If, for example, 3 teachers couldn’t get to school or were significantly late the pupil teacher ratio would be in excess of 1:50 and that would contravene Health and Safety guidance and in the case of KS1 would actually be breaking the law that sets a legal maximum of 30 in a class. The staffing issue is one of the reasons why some schools can open and yet neighbouring schools are closed.

There is also a moral implication of staying open despite heavy snow and media advice warning against “unnecessary journeys” and then someone has an accident on their journey to or from school.

Another difficulty with the decision is when heavy snow falls during the day, leaving staff and children facing dangerous journeys home or even the risk of being stuck at school.

Personal circumstances are also a factor for individual families.  If we are open despite adverse weather and you feel that your journey is not safe you are perfectly entitled to keep your children off so long as you let us know.

If we are to close we will send a text message to parents and update twitter @ProvostWilliams and get the information to the Local Authority by 7am so that it will appear on their website www.warwickshire.gov.uk/schoolclosurers by 7.30am and also listen to Free Radio 97 & 102.9FM and BBC Cov & Warks 94.8 & 103.7FM