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Ryton-on-Dunsmore Provost Williams CofE Academy

Let your light shine

Our Priorities

  • An ambition for all, rooted in an ethic of excellence in all we do. ‘High Expectations’
  • An investment in ensuring that all staff are developed and enabled to deliver an excellent education. Professional growth and respect’
  • A culture where all stakeholders understand why we do what we do. ‘The Way we do it round here’

Priority 1

Leadership and Management

1.1 To develop the role of the Head of School so that roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and the impact of the leadership structure is reflected in the provision for pupils.

1.2 To develop the role of all staff as leaders in both their classroom and their areas of responsibility in order to ensure the curriculum is ambitious for all and rooted in excellence.

1.3 To develop a ‘ethic of excellence in all we do’ across the school so that all staff understand ‘the way we do it round here and why’

1.4 To develop the role of governors to ensure they have a good understanding of the schools work and are supported to evaluate it alongside school leaders

Priority 2

Quality of Education

2.1 To improve outcomes in reading, writing and mathematics at the end of key stage 2

2.2 To develop reading and phonics provision to ensure there is a clear routeway through for the teaching of reading from EYFS to end Key stage 2.

2.3 To enhance further the ‘Reading for Pleasure’ offer.

2.4 To ensure that in PE, Art and Design Technology the curriculum intent is consistently implemented across the school

2.5 To develop the quality of teaching and learning so that all teaching is good.

2.6 To evaluate and improve the provision for all SEND pupils through both quality first teaching and enhanced provision.

Priority 3

Behaviour and Attitudes

3.1 To establish the schools behaviour policy and ensure it is implemented consistently across the school, developing rewards further.

3.2 To increase whole school attendance and to reduce the number of pupils who are persistently absent through a consistently applied policy with clear procedures.

Priority 4

Personal Development

4.1 To develop pupil leadership through roles and responsibilities across the school

4.2 To reinstate and develop further the broader educational offer eg clubs.

Priority 5

Early Years Education

5.1 To ensure that phonic and early reading provision are of a high quality.

5.2 To develop a progression for each area of learning that ensures pupils make good progress and that provision is planned deliberately to enable this.

5.3 To develop the indoor and outdoor learning environment to ensure it facilitates the areas of priority based on accurate assessment for learning.

Priority 6

Christian Distinctiveness

6.1 To further develop the schools distinctive Christian Character

6.2 To develop pupil led worship.

6.3 To develop the way in which we record learning in Religious Education

6.4 To develop whole school plan which outlines breadth and progression.